5 ways to resolve relationship conflicts

You can only grow in a relationship if your mind remains calm and cheerful. Engaging in daily conflicts and exchanging taunts not only disrupts your own well-being but also affects the peace of your loved ones around you. So everyone from mental health and relationship experts to our elders advises us to communicate and problem … Read more

8 ways to heal wounds faster

How many times have you suffered a minor burn while cooking or scraped your knees during an outdoor activity? The answer would probably be “too much”! For any minor injury that affects the skin, such as a cut, scratch or burn, there is no need to rush to the hospital. It’s true that such injuries … Read more

8 health benefits of turmeric milk

Turmeric may smell bitter, but the yellowish powder can turn any drink into a super drink because of its many properties. This is why your grandmother always asked you to drink turmeric milk or golden milk before hitting the sack. From healing wounds to curing colds, turmeric milk has always been on the top list … Read more

Half Moon Pose: How to do Ardha Chandrasana and its benefits

Yoga is great for our physical and mental health. There are some asanas that are simple, but there are also asanas that require some effort. Ardha Chandrasana or the half moon pose is one of the challenging asanas. It tests your balance as you lower your supporting leg and stabilize your arm while lifting your … Read more

5 Best Body Washes for Dry Skin

One of the biggest skincare mistakes people with dry skin make is choosing the wrong products. From your bath products to your moisturizer and body oils, make sure you choose products that lock in the moisture in your skin rather than stripping it. Since dDry skin doesn’t have the necessary oils and moisture to keep … Read more

5 Best Yoga Asanas for Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are non-cancerous cysts that form in the ovaries and can affect women of any age. This can make you feel extremely uncomfortable and lead to sharp pain in the abdomen. The condition has become a serious concern for people as the number of cases continues to rise in the country. Did you know … Read more

Controlling Negative Thoughts: 10 Positive Tips

When we are not overwhelmed with work, we tend to spend time with our own thoughts. We think about how the day went, what went wrong, the past or regrets in life. If not, we worry about the future. When something doesn’t go well, people tend to think that they will never be good enough … Read more

5 gluten-free recipes for people with celiac disease

Being diagnosed with celiac disease means you need to be more careful with your diet. It is a condition that affects your small intestine and prevents it from absorbing nutrients from food. You can blame this on gluten, a protein found mainly in wheat, rye and barley. If you suffer from celiac disease, this means … Read more

How to improve skin elasticity naturally: 7 tips from experts

Losing skin elasticity is a natural part of the aging process. It must have first come to your attention when you were putting on makeup or rubbing your eyes. You notice that you move your eyelid slightly to the side and that your skin no longer bounces back as it did before. Skin elasticity is … Read more

5 Best Morning Exercises for Weight Loss

One of the best ways to start the day is by exercising. It will help you achieve your fitness goals and also keep you energetic. A September 2023 study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that people who exercised between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. managed their weight better than those who … Read more