Eyebrow hair loss: causes and treatment

Eyebrow hair loss: causes and treatment

A set of thick eyebrows has been one of the major determinants of beauty as we know it. Thinning eyebrows therefore carry a stigma and can make a person self-conscious. Hair loss on eyebrows is due to the same internal and external reasons that cause hair loss on the head. These can range from minor … Read more

5 Best Iron Supplements for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time for every woman, but it can also pose health risks. Iron is one of the most vital elements for a pregnant woman. Iron is not only essential for the mother’s overall health, but is also crucial for the baby’s growth and development. Many women find it difficult to … Read more

8 Benefits of Walking for Diabetics: To Control Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition that affects the way our bodies use glucose. This condition occurs when the pancreas is unable to release enough insulin for the body or when the body is unable to properly use the insulin that our pancreas secretes. Also, diabetes poses a threat to several other health complications, such … Read more

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: 6 early signs of growth delays in children

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, observed every year on December 3, is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the rights and well-being of people with disabilities. In this reference work, it is crucial to take into account one overlooked aspect: the early detection of growth delays in children, as this can be a … Read more

5 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs for Elderly to Ease Mobility

Wheelchairs are powerful tools. They make mobility easier for people who cannot walk independently due to a disability, injury or recovery from surgery. These can easily be used both indoors and outdoors. Using the best lightweight wheelchairs can provide users and their loved ones with greater convenience and comfort as maneuvering becomes hassle-free. Moreover, people … Read more

8 Benefits of Using Ice Packs for Your Health

Ice therapy involves applying cold compresses or ice to the body to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. It is a commonly used method in sports medicine and rehabilitation to manage injuries and aid in the recovery process. It is also a popular home remedy for minor injuries you may sustain in the kitchen or on … Read more

World AIDS Day: 10 frequently asked questions about HIV and AIDS

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is an infection that weakens our body’s immune system, while acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the late stage of the infection. People tend to confuse the two, but they are not the same. There are more doubts about HIV and AIDS. On the occasion of World AIDS Day, which is … Read more

5 color sounds to improve sleep

Are you someone who prefers pin-drop silence when you retire for a day? Or are you a light sleeper who is easily woken up by a dog barking outside your house or cars honking? Sleep quality is important for a healthy life, and a soothing color sound can help you with that. These come in … Read more

5 Best Back Supports for Lower Back Pain Relief

Low back pain can affect your overall well-being. But the best back braces for lower back pain can give this scenario a glimmer of hope. Back braces are saviors for people with back problems – whether supporting patients after surgery or helping those with conditions such as osteoarthritis or ruptured intervertebral discs. What are the … Read more

Yellow tongue: why it happens and how to make it pink again

A healthy tongue generally looks pink, so if it turns yellow you may be concerned. Yellow tongue is a term used to describe an area of ​​the tongue with a grayish-yellow coating that may cover the entire tongue or appear in patches. It’s usually just a sign of stuck food or dead cells on your … Read more