Benefits of drinking jeera water at night

If there’s one name in the field of unsung heroes that is often dismissed but works wonders, it’s a “mother’s home remedy.” Whether it’s a scraped knee, pounding headache or digestive issues, a mother’s touch provides the solution to almost everything life throws at you. Today we’re testing a proven theory from my mother: the benefits of jeer water for digestive problems.

If you’re suffering from digestive issues after indulging in an evening indulgence, you’re not alone. Bloating and gas are common problems among people, and whenever I felt bloated, my mother would hand me a glass of jeera water to help it go away. While it worked for me, I checked with an expert whether drinking jeera water for digestive problems will work for everyone or not!

Benefits of jeera water for digestive problems

Jeera or cumin seeds are a staple of Indian cuisine. Moreover, it has been part of Ayurveda and traditional Indian practices for decades. They are part of curries and stews, mainly because of their distinct aroma, woody and spicy taste. Yes, it adds that little bit extra to your dish, but it does more than that. It contains properties that can help you solve various problems, including digestive problems. Drinking it at night can be beneficial for your digestion as it helps reduce bloating and gas, says Dr Ushakiran Sisodia, registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist at Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai.

Eating cumin seeds can help you get rid of digestive problems. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

A study published in the Middle East Journal of Digestive Issues found that including cumin extract can help treat cramps, nausea, bloating and digestive cramps. In short, Mom’s remedy is an effective home remedy to treat digestive problems such as bloating and gas.

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Other benefits of drinking jeera water at night

While jeera water can do wonders for your digestive problems, drinking jeera water at night can be helpful for other things too. It also contains magnesium, which helps promote better sleep and is a natural detoxifier, helping the body flush out toxins and maintain overall health, the expert said.

In fact, drinking jeera water is also a good treatment for people trying to lose weight. It may stimulate metabolism and, thanks to its fiber content, can give you a feeling of fullness and keep you satiated for longer. However, it’s not a magical weight loss drink or anything; you need to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly if you want to lose weight.

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jeera water for digestion
Drinking jeera water offers many health benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Who should avoid drinking jeera water?

Although drinking jeera water is generally safe for most people, it can lead to stomach problems in some people. People who suffer from allergies to spices should also avoid drinking jeera water. Listen to your body and take it in moderation if necessary. If you notice any symptoms that indicate a problem, stop using it and consult a doctor immediately.

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