8 Signs You’re Afraid of Being Single

Every romantic relationship is different. Some couples may be madly in love with each other. Some people may be in a relationship but not happy with it. But instead of breaking things off and moving on in life, they decide to continue their relationship. Does love have anything to do with it or is it because they are afraid of being single? You may keep telling yourself that you are trying to make your relationship work because of love. But the truth may be related to anuptaphobia. Read on to find out if you’re afraid of being single.

The fear of being single is also called anuptaphobia, but it is not an officially recognized diagnosis.

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Why are people afraid of being single?

Some people may not enjoy being single for a variety of reasons, including:

• Social pressure and societal expectations to be in a relationship.
• Fear of loneliness and not having emotional support.
• Low self-esteem and the belief that one needs a partner for validation.
• Past traumatic experiences in relationships.
• Attachment problems or codependency.

Signs you’re afraid of being single

Are you unsure whether you have anuptaphobia? These signs may indicate that you are afraid of being single.

1. Constantly looking for a new partner

You jump from one relationship to another without giving yourself time to be alone and think, says psychiatrist Dr Rahul Rai Kakkar.

2. Staying in unhealthy relationships

You may be tolerating a toxic relationship out of fear of being single. So even if your partner doesn’t treat you well or doesn’t care about your happiness, stay close to him.

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3. Fear of being single

Even though you try your best to save a relationship, sometimes it doesn’t work out and you end up alone. If you have persistent anxiety and discomfort while not in a relationship, you may be afraid of being single.

4. Low self-esteem linked to relationships

You don’t always need someone to tell you that he or she loves and cares about you. Relying on a partner to feel appreciated or loved is just one sign of anuptaphobia.

5. Neglecting personal growth

You may prioritize relationships over personal development or goals. Neglecting your personal growth for a loved one is not healthy.

6. Excessively jealous or possessive

Being possessive of your loved one, but not too much, is very common. However, the fear of losing a partner can lead to jealousy and control issues if you don’t like being single.

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7. Emotional dependence

Financial dependence is one thing, but if you rely heavily on your partner for emotional support, you’re probably afraid of staying single.

8. Neglecting friendships

Friendship is important in our lives. A 2017 study published in the journal Personal Relationships even suggested that older adults’ health and happiness were linked to friendship. But if you don’t enjoy being single, you may be isolating yourself from your friends and family when you’re in a relationship.

Can anuptaphobia affect mental health?

This fear can have significant effects on your mental health, says Dr. Kakkar.

• Anxiety and depression when not in a relationship.
• Low self-esteem and a feeling of inadequacy without a partner.
• Difficulty dealing with divorce or relationship problems.
• Reduced independence and self-reliance.

To overcome the fear of being single, you can:

• Focus on self-discovery and personal growth outside of relationships.
• Have a strong support network of your family members and friends.
• Challenge societal expectations and pressures regarding relationships.
• Develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with loneliness and anxiety.
• Learn to enjoy and appreciate being single, embracing independence and self-love.

You can also seek therapy or counseling to address underlying issues and increase self-esteem.

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