5 standing exercises to burn belly fat

Sitting for long periods of time at a desk job can have noticeable effects on your lower body. Over time, it contributes to the accumulation of fat, resulting in more belly fat. At the same time, it can cause stiffness in the hips and an increase in muscle cramps. To deal with this, standing training can be useful for maintaining fitness and vitality. These exercises not only help in losing weight but also provide protection against various diseases. Let’s explore some effective standing exercises for weight loss.

Standing exercises to reduce belly fat

To lose your overall weight and get rid of stubborn belly fat, practice these 5 standing exercises regularly:

1. Fold forward

The forward fold is an excellent standing exercise for rapid weight loss. Doing this daily will not only reduce weight but also strengthen the legs. In addition, it also helps to improve your digestive system.

With this exercise you will lose weight in no time. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

How to perform this exercise:

  • To do this, stand upright on the mat. Raise both hands and straighten the elbows as well.
  • Now bring both arms down and stick them to the ground. Keep your waist straight and do not bend your knees.
  • Make sure there is a one-step gap between your legs. This will help you balance your body.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Now return to your starting position and do it again
  • Practice the same movement 10 times and slowly increase the count.

2. Hip circles

Excess belly fat can lead to obesity. The hip circle is one of the best exercises to keep your body in shape. It not only helps reduce belly fat but also hip fat. Moreover, it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.

How to perform this exercise:

  • To do this exercise, you need to stand straight and keep distance between both legs. So that you do not fall or become unbalanced while performing the exercise.
  • Now place both hands on the waist, rotate the waist with the hips clockwise and make a circle.
  • This move can help reduce fat that has accumulated on the hips and waist. Do this exercise for 1 to 2 minutes and repeat.
  • After performing this exercise, release the body and allow the body to relax for some time.

3. Side reach

Lateral exercises are very useful for strengthening the arms. Apart from that, this exercise also helps to burn belly fat by boosting your metabolism and calorie burning. Doing this exercise daily is also very beneficial for intestinal health.

belly fat
Losing weight is not an impossible task. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

How to perform this exercise:

  • To do this exercise, stand straight on the mat. Now raise your right arm, tilt your body to the left and keep your left hand on your waist.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Now pull the left arm upwards, tilt the body to the right and keep the right arm on your waist.
  • Perform this exercise 10 times on each side during your workout.
  • Keep your legs and spine straight while performing the exercise.

4. Standing legs up

Standing leg raises are good for increasing flexibility and strength in your lower body. Regular practice of this exercise can help in losing belly fat. Moreover? It helps strengthen your pelvic muscles.

How to perform this exercise:

  • To do this exercise, stand up straight. Now make fists with both hands and bring them to the stomach.
  • Keep your back straight while you do the exercise. Now walk by making a gap of 3 to 4 steps between both legs.
  • Bring the right leg out and straighten it. Do the same with your left leg.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side.

5. Squat twists

Squat twists burn more calories than crunches, sit-ups or simple squats, making them one of the most effective exercises for losing weight around your waist.

reduce belly fat with squats
Squats can help you reduce that belly fat! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

How to perform this exercise:

  • Place your feet hip-width apart.
  • Squat down and make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Turn your body 90 degrees to the right as you jump up.
  • After quickly tapping your feet on the ground, jump again and spin back to center.
  • As you return to center, squat again and repeat in the opposite direction.

Perform these exercises regularly to reap all the benefits these exercises have to offer!

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