5 Best Lip Scrubs for Kiss-Worthy Lips Under Rs 500

Published: Oct 30, 2023 12:53 PM IST

Lip scrubs should be a crucial part of every woman’s skin care regimen. After all, it can help you maintain the optimal appearance and texture of your lips. They can moisturize, exfoliate dead skin cells and protect your lips from the sun. Using the best lip scrubs can help you reduce fine lines and wrinkles and remove dead skin cells from your lips, giving them a revitalized appearance.

What is a lip scrub?

Lip scrubs typically consist of two key ingredients: a rich moisturizing emollient and a gritty exfoliating scrub. The viscosity of these lip exfoliants is usually thick. Sugar crystals and shea butter are two common ingredients in lip scrubs, which are used to exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrate your lips, leaving them smooth and velvety.

What are the benefits of a lip scrub?

Lip scrubs help remove dry, flaky, and dead skin cells from your lips. They also give your lips a wonderful, hydrated and silky feeling on your lips. Exfoliating your lips with a sugar scrub or other natural exfoliants promotes blood flow to the lips. Increasing circulation reveals new skin cells and a fuller pout by stimulating cell renewal.

Your lips are not particularly good at retaining moisture due to their weak barrier function. You can stop the progression of dry, cracked lips by using a lip scrub.

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Top 5 Lip Scrub Brands in India

Searching for the best lip scrub brands can leave you confused. Here we have compiled a list of the best lip scrubs in India.

1. mCaffeine coffee lip scrub

This lip scrub balm is ideal for dark lips and chapped lips. Natural components such as sugar, coffee scrub and cold-pressed coconut oil are used for production. Together, these substances can reduce the appearance of black lips by up to 85%. Moreover, it makes dry lips feel hydrated and supple. The lip scrub weighs only 12 grams and is completely vegan. It is best for traveling.

2. Mamaearth Lip Scrub & Lip Mask

When it comes to the best lip scrubs for pink lips, try the Mamaearth lip scrub. The box also contains a Vitamin C enriched lip mask that deeply nourishes and hydrates the lips, leaving them soft, supple and hydrated. In addition to increasing collagen development to keep lips looking plump and luscious, vitamin C helps protect lips from environmental damage.

3. UrbanBotanics Advanced Lip Scrub Balm

UrbanBotanics Advanced Lip Balm, which contains natural components such as shea butter, beeswax, almond oil and vitamin E, helps lighten and brighten dark lips. It is a non-toxic, natural lip care product that nourishes, heals and softens dry, chapped lips. This lip scrub is perfect for smokers, people with chapped lips and people with all skin types. Your lips will feel smooth and silky thanks to the formula’s light weight and lack of oil.

4. Mom’s Exfoliating Lip Scrub

The exfoliating lip scrub from Moms Co. is specially designed to lighten and brighten black lips. The ingredients, including cocoa butter and sugar powder, help condition and exfoliate your lips while removing dead skin cells. While the cocoa butter moisturizes and protects your lips, the sugar powder gently scrubs away impurities. Plus, it contains vitamin E, which keeps your lips supple and moist while protecting them from free radical damage.

5. TNW-THE NATURAL WASH Lip Lightening & Brightening Lip Scrub

Tanned and darker lips can be lightened using the Natural Wash Lip Lightening and Brightening Lip Scrub. To help nourish and soften lips, it is enriched with cocoa butter, brown sugar, shea butter, papaya, natural flowers and essential oils. The natural components in the scrub help replenish the lips’ natural moisture balance, making them look fuller and fuller.

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