5 Best Facial Hair Removal Devices for Women

Updated: Nov 20, 2023 12:53 PM IST

What happens if you get a light mustache on your upper lip or a tuft of chin hair? You want to get rid of yourselves, don’t you ladies? If it irritates you enough, do your best to get rid of facial hair – you can bleach, get a facial wax or use the power tweezers! But technology has made possible the best facial hair removal devices so you can go frizz-free yourself.

Best 5 Facial Hair Removal Devices in India

Given the variety of options available, it can be challenging to determine which tool or method is ideal for you. Use these top facial hair removal products to get a clean face without experiencing the pain of waxing.

1. Panasonic facial trimmer

The Panasonic facial trimmer has a rotating head that gently cuts away unwanted hairs and follows the curves of your face. The elegant wall design looks small, fashionable and easy to use. Using a single AAA battery, the gadget can function for approximately eight times. It’s portable and ideal for on-the-go retouches thanks to its cordless design.

2. Flawless finish of all products

This facial hair removal tool prevents skin irritation. One of the best features is that it is portable and lightweight, so you can remove hair on the go. The rotating mechanism of this device can gently remove terminal hairs and peach fuzz.

3. Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Razor

This cult-favorite razor is a flexible tool that does an excellent job of removing facial hair while being gentle on the skin. If you apply it to a frizzy thick coarse hair, the skin will be protected because it has small microgrids. The protective cover reduces the risk of cuts, cuts and burns from the blade coming into direct contact with your skin.

4. Braun Face Mini Hair Remover

It provides a close-to-the-skin shave, making makeup application easier. It is designed to effectively and subtly remove facial hair in ladies. Its compact shape makes it portable and effective for removing facial hair anytime, anywhere.

5. Painless Portable Double Blade Facial Hair Remover

It removes facial hair gently and effectively. Additionally, it eliminates hair at the root, providing long-lasting effects. It does not hurt and is safe for sensitive skin. It has hygienic, easy to clean maintenance and is rechargeable. For ease of use, the design is portable and wireless.

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Does Removing Facial Hair Make It Grow Back Thicker?

The short answer is no! It’s a myth. Whichever method you choose to remove facial hair, it remains the same in terms of color, thickness and rate of development. For example, when shaving, you can see that the hair follicle is blunt after being chopped in half. As a result, when the hair grows back, it may feel a bit bushier or scratchy.

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