11 health benefits of regular exercise

In a world full of fitness fads, there’s a powerful way that promises not only physical vitality, but also holistic wellness: regular exercise. The easiest and best way to keep all your health problems at bay. Imagine this: One thing can wake your muscles from slumber, calm your mind, and improve your overall well-being. Whether you’re a fitness guru or just someone looking for ways to get fit, regular exercise is your best friend. That said, let’s understand why regular exercise is important and its benefits.

What are the health benefits of regular exercise?

Health Shots asked fitness trainer Yash Agarwal to understand the benefits of regular exercise you need to know:

1. Promotes heart health

Being physically active is crucial to promote heart health. A study published in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine shows that exercise prevents both the onset and development of heart disease. It has also been found that regular exercise helps improve the heart’s ability to pump blood and helps strengthen it. Agarwal adds that it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both of which are risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease.

Regular exercise can help keep heart attacks at bay. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Helps with weight management

Regular exercise not only helps you shed the extra pounds but also fills your body with energy and self-confidence and improves overall health. The fitness expert says it helps you lose weight by burning calories, building lean muscle and increasing metabolism. A study published in the Journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases found that people who exercised more than 200 times a week outpaced those who exercised for less time.

3. Improves mental health

Have you felt depressed? Have you been anxious lately? A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that regular exercise helps reduce anxiety and depression and improves mood by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. This happens through the release of endorphins, which promote feelings of happiness and reduce stress.

4. Strengthens bones and joints

Exercise is important to build and maintain strong muscles and bones. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, regular exercise helps strengthen bones in children and adults, reducing the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis. It is also believed to strengthen your muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

5. Sleep better

Agarwal says regular exercise can also improve sleep quality and even help with insomnia. Regular exercise can have moderate to strong positive effects on overall sleep quality, according to a study published in the Journal of Advances in Preventive Medicine.

exercise benefits for sleep
Regular exercise promotes sleep. Image courtesy: Freepik

6. Helps control blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels can be harmful to your health and can lead to problems such as diabetes. It can even harden your arteries and increase your risk of atherosclerosis – a buildup of cholesterol, fats and other substances in the artery walls that can block blood flow. The fitness expert says one of the many benefits of regular exercise is controlling blood sugar levels. Even studies have shown the positive effects of exercise on blood sugar levels.

7. Improves cognitive function

Exercise helps improve memory and cognitive function, expert says. In fact, studies such as those published in Frontiers in Psychology have shown that regular exercise benefits both cognitive functioning and well-being.

8. Strengthens immunity

It is crucial to strengthen your immune system during times when doing so will reduce your chances of illness. According to a study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science, regular exercise helps improve immune regulation, which may help delay the onset of age-related dysfunction.

9. Good for digestion

Exercising regularly increases blood flow to the muscles in the digestive system, which aids digestion and even reduces the risk of constipation. So the next time you are faced with intestinal problems, you know what to do!

10. Increases lifespan

Exercise has been proven to extend lives as well. Agarwal also points out that regular exercise is linked to a longer, healthier lifespan. According to the analysis published in the Journal of Aging Research, eight different cohorts suggest that regular physical activity has been linked to increased life expectancy.

exercise benefits
Regular exercise can improve longevity! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

11. Reduces the risk of cancer

Being physically active reduces the risk of cancer of several types, according to a study published in the Medicinal Science Sports Exercise. However, it does not guarantee a free pass, you must follow a holistic lifestyle to live a healthy and disease-free life.

Keep in mind!

Regular exercise is a good way to stay healthy, but it is not a safe way to live a disease-free life. The benefits depend on the type and intensity of exercise, as well as individual factors. It is important to consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes, especially if you have health problems.

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